The Casualwear

Natural Beauty, Ultimate Comfort

Where do these designs come from? We begin with a deep understanding of traditional aesthetic principles and millennia of couture. Then we add over a decade of designing experience for a world-class performance. Finally, we joined hands with professional dancers to create a clothing line that combines natural beauty and ultimate comfort.
“It’s really comfortable and also multi-functional. I can wear it for teaching or for training, and also for a day out with my girlfriends.”
Shen Yun principal Dancer ANGELIA WANG

Timelessly Refined, Refreshingly Versatile

Quietly strong and emphatically free. Timelessly refined and refreshingly versatile. Like the balanced forces of yin and yang, these complementary powers define this men’s collection.
“Many of us dancers are naturally active off-stage, too. I also like to run and play sports, and these clothes are just perfect.”
Shen Yun principal Dancer Piotr Huang
“At Shen Yun, we believe that the state of mind is directly related to the art we create. I not only dance—I also meditate and keep my mind in shape.”
Shen Yun Dancer Madeline Lobjois (left)
Imperial Jacket
This classically elegant jacket provides warmth without bulk. Its high-stretch knitted fabric is perfect for daytime or cool nights, as it blends a traditional, format silhouette with extreme comfort. Crafted to stay with you for many years to come.

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